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Agronomist / Industry Training

Keeping abreast of current industry developments in soil management and plant nutrition is key to successful and profitable business growth in farming and agriculture.

Back Paddock Company has a wealth of experience in training and mentoring professional Agronomists, Advisors and fertiliser depot staff with competency and confidence.


Fertcare Accredited Advisor (FAA)  - Now you can upskill with industry accreditation and improve fertiliser advice for clients all in one place and without the downtime. 

The FAA Full Service from Back Paddock provides the only “one-stop-shop for accreditation where all required elements for FAA Accreditation status are provided in one co-ordinated and very cost-effective package which means we are able to offer you ALL of the following  


Better Soils Management   +   Fertcare C   +   SoilMate (Nutrient Advisory System) +  Biennial Audits of Your Recommendations 

Click Here to learn more about our New Flexible Training Options to obtain Fertcare Accredited Advisor Status

Courses we offer include:-

Better Soils Management

The course explores the proactive management of soils and plant nutrition to assist in attaining high yield/quality, production efficiency and environmental outcomes as well as the use of paddock productivity assessments incorporating soil and plant tissue tests as strategic and tactical tools for the improvement of yield and nutrient efficiency.

We now offer this course as ONLINE and case studies assessed and feedback given in accordance with Fertcare Audit requirements

Pro-Soils / Nutrition Management

This course can be tailored to suit a specific cropping segment.

The course is designed for agronomic advisers the following topics:

  • Fundamental soils, plant physiology and nutrition knowledge relevant to the crop segment
  • Specialised management of soils and plant nutrition for high yield/quality and environmental outcomes
  • Utilising Soil/plant test interpretation as a tactical and strategic tool

Fertcare Level C

Fertiliser environmental skills for experienced Advisors who provide fertiliser recommendations

Fertcare Level B

Fertiliser knowledge and basic plant nutrition knowledge for sales staff or staff starting in the agronomy field (not doing recommendations)

Fertcare Level A

Basic product knowledge and storage training for staff who directly handle fertiliser