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*New Adviser 10

UNLEASHED! Adviser 10 is officially off the chain and available TODAY!


The Back Paddock team have spent the last 6 months in front of a computer screen within arm’s reach of a never-ending cup of coffee and now, you can see why. The age of Adviser 10 has begun!

We’ve brainstormed, collaborated, co-operated and generally pooled our experience together to produce the look of the future – Adviser v10. Not only does it look beautiful, work seamlessly on a touchscreen tablet and have stacks of brand new features, there are also superior error trapping and bug fixes under the covers.

Great new features; UNVEILED!


New look

Starting at the beginning, Adviser 10 has a new, modern look specifically designed to bridge the gap between touch-screen and mouse driven computing systems. It’s fresh, it’s clean, and it can be used on Windows tablets, laptops and desktops for your convenience. Rumour has it that time is somewhat short in the industry in-season, so we want to make sure you have access to our full program when you need it, even if this means on a touch-screen tablet at midnight behind the wheel of a tractor.











Diary tab

As a wise person once said, a picture speaks a thousand words. After the recent release of our Mobile Apps it became apparent that our valued customers are indeed interested in this approach to farm management. The resounding YES helped us develop a new concept for our product – time view. With the introduction of an outlook-like calendar, schedule view interface and map mode navigation, farm planning just got raised to an entirely new level.  








There is not a lot you can’t do or see from this Diary tab. View recommendations, application data, images, voice clips, videos... Use your map to navigate paddock to paddock or just view the lot at once. Swipe your calendar to pick your date-range or click on ‘Schedule View, Next 7 days’ to see what’s coming up. Transparency and simplicity: Nailed it. But is that all? Of course not!


Recommendations tab

This is a big one. The path has been set for integration between our Spray Recommendations module and our planning program, and we have placed two feet firmly on the path to success. Stage one was moving the tab to a central, easily viewable location. Tick! Not only has Recommendations moved to its own location in our top toolbar, but we’ve thrown in a couple of extra Christmas bonuses.








Choose between the standard Rec as a full-screen module, or click Auto-Load Editor on Selection to open the Rec editor as part of the screen! Tick Paddock Navigation and Browser off to expand your view, or leave them on for your reference. Why not even leave it in Map mode? Auto-Fill Crop/Variety from Plan to save you some time and you are half way to creating a new Rec. Double click your chemical requirements using our simple drop down options and click Preview in your toolbar for MORE new stuff!









Inventory – INTEGRATED!

Click ON Inventory Balance in the Spray Rec toolbar and check it out. We have a new equation in Adviser folks!

Balance= Inventory-Sprays

Yes, this does exactly what you think it does. As you create your Spray Rec, this is talking to your Inventory tab and your Sprays tab for the current calendar year. How much chemical do you have in stock? How much have you used? How much does this current Rec require? Do I have enough to complete this Rec? That’s just how we roll.

But wait, there’s more! We understand that there is potentially a lot of information included in one Spray Rec, and for a multitude of reasons, individual Mixes may need to be separated. Would a one-tick box make that easier? You’re welcome.









Familiar interface – much work under the covers! This does come under the category of bug fixes, but it’s such a monumental leap that we wanted to demonstrate here as well. Our first foot on this path is our newly automated Refresh facility in CornerPost. This refreshes your file list real-time to ensure that you are always presented with the latest information available for you.

Far larger than this however is the security detail we have hard-wired into our CornerPost process. We have developed a new way of client file and data synchronisation that is increasingly aware. How you say? Our new Primary Key resolution work enables the CornerPost server to identify tiny differences in the information entered into your various devices and we have turned on full throttle data protection mode! While this new development doesn’t replace the need for CornerPost synchronisation, it enables you the peace of mind of a second chance. No more overriding data from forgetting to sync. CornerPost sees, and CornerPost forgives.



This is just the tip of the iceberg – features and bug fixes have been woven into our latest version of Adviser from more angles than can possibly be imagined. Watch this space for details!