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Adviser Professional

Adviser Professional is Back Paddock's flagship production planning and recording tool, complete with full spatial mapping and reporting.


  • Farm Production Planning, Recording and Mapping System.
  • Multiple Clients / Farms, for use by Professional Advisers;
  • Full Global Information System (GIS) integration;
  • Cashflow Reporting;
  • SoilMate-Link; integration with SoilMate/LabMate Professional for seamless uploading of Laboratory Testing, Interpretation and Recommendation results for ready viewing when planning;
  • Suits broadacre mixed farming (livestock and cropping), horticulture, irrigation.
  • Full functionality enabled including unique and easy to use planning & mapping components; link with SoilMate platform for Precision Agriculture
  • Beneficial multi-client tools enabled, such as:

-        Scenario Manager; rapid setup for new clients;

-        Master Database; rapid integration of merchandise products and/or services.

  • Financial reporting helps meet rural lending planning requirements.