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Wheat PTI

12 June 2017 | Categories: , , ,

Have you ever had to wade through hardcopy text and websites to find some information about plant tissue nutrient test critical ranges? The PTI suite of Plant Tissue Interpreters has been developed to save time and make diagnosis of likely nutrient insufficiency easier and more accurate.


Wheat PTI provides a simple pathway for assessing the results of regular plant tissue nutrient laboratory analysis where the results are for total nutrient content expressed as % of dry weight. By entering "phantom" values for a particular plant part and growth stage scenario it is possible to become acquainted with the nutrient sufficiency ranges.


Wheat PTI is internationally relevant because the algorithms it draws upon are derived from a large range of international (USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Pakistan) publications, websites and research journals.  This also makes


Wheat PTI so much more accurate because it uses these algorithms  to “join the dots” and provide continuous assessment relative to the phenological stage of the crop at the time of sampling.


Why wait - click on the link to find out more about Wheat PTI

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  • Wheat PTI

    Posted by Ian Moss, 20/08/2017 3:54pm (2 years ago)

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