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Online Agronomic Calculators available NOW!

2 September 2015

We at Back Paddock are the first to admit that we have not been blessed with the ability to stare deep into a crops eyes and provide exactly the right nutrition at exactly the right time. Nor have we been able to cultivate the aptitude to glance at raw laboratory results and calculate exactly what needs to happen, when.


Worksheets to the rescue: We are proud to offer you our newly released Online Calculators, free of charge!

These worksheet-like Agronomic Calculators (previously available to SoilMate subscribers only) are designed for farmers and agronomists alike with efficiency and simplicity in mind, and attempt to provide real answers for your soil and crop nutrition questions.


Online Calculators currently available:

Crop Rotation Nutrition Audit
This Calculator provides a platform to develop a simple nutrient budget based on removal in produce and total nutrient input from external sources, over a 5-crop sequence.


Kakplan Manure
Contains a range of calculators to help answer questions about the use of inputted animal manure as a fertiliser or soil ameliorant. Outputs from this include calculations such as nutrient addition, nutrient value versus mainstream mineral fertilisers and potential salinity effect.

This is a two-part tool. Part 1 is an aid to calculate rates of soil amendment required to increase soil pH based on your specific soil chemical parameters, soil chemistry targets, plant species aluminium tolerance and amendment quality. Part 2 is a Product Comparison aid to help calculate the most cost effective source of amendment when there are multiple sources available.


Rams Rule
Rams “Rule of Thumb” Calculator is based on research that relates soil water and nitrate-N content measure at sowing to predict grain protein outcome. This is only valid for grain production in Sth QLD and NW NSW and soils sampled to depths greater than 60cm.

Wheat PTA
Wheat Plant Tissue Interpreter is designed to help interpret crop nutrition status according to the nutrient content of various plant parts and its’ phenological growth stage.


We hope you enjoy these tools! Check them out from the links above, or find them on our website by clicking on Help Desk > SoilMate > Information-Library > Online Calculators




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