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8 November 2011

Back Paddock Company has developed the Back Paddock System as a means of providing agronomic consulting firms and rural merchandise businesses with a system to enable them to develop and manage the on-farm relationship with their clients and customers.

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Understanding Variations in Wheat Grain Protein

27 September 2011 | Categories: , , , ,

Take Home Message        There are numerous factors both manageable and uncontrolled that significantly influence the grain yield and protein outcome of crops. To be able to increase the probability of reaching a grain yield and protein target it is important to have and understanding of processes important to the final outcome. This may provide the ability to respond appropriately to those factors that are manageable and minimise the risk of the uncontrolled having significant influence.

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20 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

Are you interested in what’s happening to the Nitrogen that you are putting into your irrigation water? If so this new test will give you the answers.

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NEW !! Potato Skin Test

19 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

Potatoes store better and are less subject to bacterial soft rot when the peel of the potato contains sufficient calcium. In trials it has been found that there is a correlation between a reduction in bacterial soft rot and an increase of calcium in the peel of a potato tuber.

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Upcoming Fertcare Training

13 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

The latest round of Fertcare training has now been scheduled. For those requiring Fertcare training it is suggested that you book into a course as soon as possible to ensure that you secure your place.

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