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The Coming Famine

1 January 2012 | Categories: , ,

Abstract: Feeding 10 billion people sustainably in the late 21st century will be the greatest challenge humanity and science have ever faced. While food demand will double by 2060 there are emerging scarcities of all the main resources required to produce it – water, land, energy, nutrients, science, fish, finance and stable climates. These challenge us to rethink food itself, to develop new farming systems, diets and food products for the future that are healthy, creative, delicious and tread less heavily on the planet.

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Back Paddock Reader

1 January 2012

The Back Paddock Reader is bundled with Back Padddock Adviser Professional...you can distrirbute it freely to some or all of your customers and clients.  The basis is simple, the farmer installs Back Paddock Reader on their computer, registers the software with Back Paddock Support, who setup the trust relationship between the farm (trading name) and the adviser.  Back Paddock CornerPost then handles the data synchronisation, so that every time the adviser updates their production plan or associated files, the farmer can get those updates electronically...exactly the same as getting email from a mail server.  Back Paddock Reader is actually a read-only version of Back Paddock Manager, so they have full functionality including mapping but just cant edit the data, albeit we've ensured full printing and email capability is turned on.  

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Fertcare B

16 November 2011 | Categories: , , , ,

In a business if the staff are up to date and know what they are talking about the efficiency and sales improve dramatically. It is often thought that the sales person is the agronomist in the field but often a sale is closed or initiated by a member of the staff in the branch office.

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Cotton Petiole Testing

15 November 2011 | Categories:

It is now generally recognized that an appropriate way of monitoring and managing the effectiveness of a plant nutrition programme for high yield potential cotton is to track the concentration of nutrients in plant tissue over time. At any sampling time the concentration of nutrient in the tissue reflects the interaction of growing conditions such as water, light and heat availability and nutrient concentration available from soil.  Therefore, if growing conditions are not standardised as much as possible, measurement of the adequacy of a crop nutrition programme may be masked by variability introduced from differences in growing conditions between sampling times.

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We'll Do it...

8 November 2011

Back Paddock Company has developed the Back Paddock System as a means of providing agronomic consulting firms and rural merchandise businesses with a system to enable them to develop and manage the on-farm relationship with their clients and customers.

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Understanding Variations in Wheat Grain Protein

27 September 2011 | Categories: , , , ,

Take Home Message        There are numerous factors both manageable and uncontrolled that significantly influence the grain yield and protein outcome of crops. To be able to increase the probability of reaching a grain yield and protein target it is important to have and understanding of processes important to the final outcome. This may provide the ability to respond appropriately to those factors that are manageable and minimise the risk of the uncontrolled having significant influence.

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20 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

Are you interested in what’s happening to the Nitrogen that you are putting into your irrigation water? If so this new test will give you the answers.

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