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Back Paddock Training Calendar 2016

27 April 2016

Better Soils Management has undergone a make-over ... it is now online!

Back Paddock offers training courses that enable you to better service one of your farmers most important needs – the management of their soils and plant nutrition. This training and the excellence in soils and plant nutrition that follows is most often a foundation for improved overall relationships with farmers and subsequent business growth. 

There is a change in the way we deliver our Better Soils Management course. This course is now predominantly online and is complimented with 4 x 2 hour webinars (which are recorded for your convenience) throughout the course to add a fuller "real-time" dimension to the modules.   As a part of the course there is also a compulsory 1/2 day workshop - this is for the more complex topics and to complete the final competency requirements.   To get the most from this course it is highly recommended you attend all the webinars to be able to ask your questions and learn from the group.  We do know that sometimes it is impossible to attend a webinar so we will be recording them for you to watch so that you can get up to speed before the next webinar.  

We also offer Fertcare Training courses - Fertcare Level B and C training have always counted towards Agsafe professional development credits.    We are pleased to advise that Fertcare level A training now also receives the same recognition.  The modules that we offer for Fertcare A are Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Storage and Handling.

Back Paddock has an excellent record extending over 10 years in delivering comprehensive and professional programs, combining the best theoretical knowledge from highly qualified trainers together with a wealth of practical experience gained from extensive industry backgrounds. It all adds up to the best results for you.

If you are interested in any of these courses, or know of someone who would benefit from these courses, please register now to secure your place.   training schedule

Course:  Better Soils Management (BSM)

Fertcare Level C

Fertcare Level B

Fertcare Level A

Most informative soils management workshop not covered with conventional education – also provides you with the process and experience of conducting recommendations


Who would benefit:

• Professional advisors looking for core agronomic knowledge and confidence in completing fertiliser recommendations






covers the detailed and complex knowledge of environmental issues, including the use of a fertilizer environmental risk assessment and management methodology.

Level C training covers:

  • environmental issues
  • food safety
  • use of the Fertilizer Environmental Stewardship Review methodology (FESR)
  • sampling
  • the regulatory framework and label requirements
  • an awareness of OH&S and stewardship issues in transport, storage, handling and application of fertilizers.

Competencies in providing detailed nutrient advice based on soil and plant testing are considered a prerequisite for Level C training.

Level C participants need to allow time to undertake pre workshop reading and associated tasks prior to attending a one day workshop.

Who would benefit:

  • Experienced Advisors
    looking for a course in fertiliser stewardship and associated environmental risks to aid with making recommendations. 

 Note:  this course is suited to Advisors who have completed fertiliser recommendations in the last 6 months


basic education in soil and plant nutrition enabling sales staff to improve communication with their customers. It can be combined with company specific training to deliver effective sales skills and meet stewardship objectives. Level B also covers logistics and OH&S issues at an awareness level.

The main subject areas addressed are:

  • soils and nutrients
  • fertilizers
  • application methods
  • environment and food safety
  • regulation
  • sampling
  • logistics

 It aims to improve participant’s knowledge of fertilizer products while enabling them to provide warnings and simple advice.

Who would benefit:

  • Advisors who is starting their career or has not completed a fertiliser recommendation in the last 6 months
  • people who work in the depots behind the counters


  • people who need awareness of fertiliser products and the factors influencing the proper use for production and environmental outcomes.

Has a strong focus on basic product, knowledge environmental and food safety risk management as well as storage

Level A is suitable for people involved in the direct handling of fertilizers, particularly in relation to storage and general rural merchandise roles who will benefit from material that is relatively simple to understand.

Level A training requires the completion of a compulsory core module – Product Knowledge – which provides a basic understanding of fertilizer and soil ameliorant products including:

  • physical identification
  • understanding labels
  • storage and handling characteristics
  • the main environmental and food safety risks

 Who would benefit:

  • people who work in the storage area
  • handle bulk fertiliser product in and out of the store


  Fertcare Level A, B and C training count towards Agsafe professional development credits.

Course Duration:

  • Online Modules
  • 1/2 day workshop
  • 4 x Webinars




Course Duration:

  • Pre-Course Workbook & exercises
  • 1 day workshop


Course Duration:

  •  Pre-Course CD exercises
  • 1 day workshop


*Online Course available

Course Duration:

  • 1 day workshop combined with workplace assessment involving a work based supervisor and the completion of third party assessment forms.
*Online Course available


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