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Release Notes

Back Paddock Mobile v4.3.0 out now!


New Features / Improvements

  • Added share extensions to Recommendation Report and Diary View to allow send  to Message, Email , Print , Save to Files or share via social media. This negates the need to use the default iOS mail client for sending reports.
  • Added feature to show a Status Report in  SoilMate Mobile for matched barcodes that have an interpretation table assigned  when the sample order was created.
  • Changed Default Settings in Recs, Application Events and Diary.
  • Removed weather details, conditions etc. from Diary Header - information not available in UI.
  • Added user ability to disable "force sync" after an Application or Rec copied to Actuals.
  • Added Crop/variety to Diary input screen and preview


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected in an issue that prevented recommendation Paddocks from displaying in the User Interface for new or existing recs.
  • Fixed Application and Recommendation Tab Settings not correctly sorting by date filters.
  • Fixed a bug in SoilMate Mobile that resulted in  "sub" or non-surface paddocks not saving paddock assignment when it's auto-entered in App
  • Fixed a problem causing no records  to be displayed with Secondary filter Paddocks in Diary list view .
  • Fixed error ‘Total hectares should be great than 0 ‘when updating chem rate in client file - Plan or Actuals
  • Fixed  a bug preventing  Diary notes from loading  in viewer unless Settings touched twice (with no change)
  • Diary entry for paddock names not updating when creating more than one diary entry for different paddocks
  • Fixed a problem with Job Number duplications when  Job Number was anything but an integer value. ( e.g. AA111 could be entered again without the app detecting that it had already been used)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an app crash event when Creating a Recommendation from the Map Tab when you touch Add Recommendation from Rec button.
  • Fixed paddock and parent barcode details from being lost in associated  sample depths.
  • Fixed Date/Time Picker, Sync Wi-Fi data switch and push notification functions for older iOS devices.
  • Removed space character from Draft order naming causing Purchase Order mismatch errors
  • Fixed multiple stability issues causing the application to become non-responsive on some devices.