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I Want Help Now!

How to get help now!

Let's get you out of trouble and back in the field. Read below to access us and our information ASAP!

1. Social Media

We are on it all! Follow, subscribe and like us so that you are kept up to date with hints, tips, our software training videos as well as other key agronomic topics.

Youtube : Back Paddock Support
Twitter : backpaddockco 
Facebook : back.paddock.7


2. HelpSheets / User Guides

Following these through from start to finish will give a new user a great introduction to our software, or an existing user a helping hand! These are found under the appropriate Software link on the left on this page.


3. Talk to us, phone in or Chat online!

Call us between 7:30am and 6pm on 07 3220 2959, or contact us any time of the day or night by email. Our trained software specialists are available in an online messenger service Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5pm (AEST). Click here to chat!


4. Online Training

We have training FREE of charge which is fantastic for both new users that are just getting started, and our existing users that just want to learn some shortcuts. Group or individual sessions can be held online at a time that suits you! Click here to book through our website


5. QuickSupport

QuickSupport is a program that allows us to remotely connect to your personal computer, and assist you directly. This is a great way to quickly resolve any local issues, and even provide a little one on one training when required! Click on Quick Support to run this program and contact us with your 9-digit ID number.