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CornerPost Relationships

Find out how to get linked to your Adviser or Client through CornerPost here!

Are you a new user that wants to be linked to your agronomist through our CornerPost system? Or perhaps you're an agronomist wanting to share your file with your client? In order for this data sharing, we at Back Paddock need to establish a CornerPost relationship that joins your two accounts.

Please select how we can help you:

Click here to sign up for a free Reader version of our software, to be linked to your agronomist.

Click here to be linked to your agronomist through CornerPost with your Back Paddock subscription.

Click here to create a multi-user CornerPost environment (horizontal linking or links across multiple trading names, branches and users).

Click here to add a new user to an existing CornerPost structure.


Feel free to contact our Help Desk with any enquiries, we're here to help!