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Please find below constantly updated HelpSheets, Videos and Modules to help you find your feet with our program, or just learn something new!

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New to Back Paddock Adviser/Manager? Check out Modules 1, 2 and 3 for a great overview to the program, or try our HelpSheets for specific information. These are alphabetised below for your convenience.

Popular Processes

PLANNING: Moving from App to PC and back CheatSheet
CornerPost: Sync Adviser Local Only file to App
App Set Up: Master Database and Spray Rec Template
Adviser: How To guide to help your Grower subscribe HelpSheet
Sync Map from App to Desktop, set co-ordinate system
Create Crop Map with Heading and Legend, export to PDF or print HelpSheet
Share Client Files with another User through CornerPost website
Spray Rec Template: Set up on Adviser, Sync to App
How To: Rename Adviser Client Files
Video: Copy Data between Paddocks and Scenarios Video
Video: Map soil result ranges (eg pH) using imported SoilMate results in Adviser
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1. Getting started: Create new client file, add data, customise Master Database, sync
2. Master Database: where 'drop down' menu data comes from
3. Input Data: enter Planned or Actuals data into your client file
4. Mapping: get started with mapping in Google Earth, create paddocks and Import, updated for WebConnect users
CornerPost: full user guide including App cheat sheet Module
Scenarios: the ultimate Paddock Planning timesaver


Adviser Set Up: Spray Rec Template and Reports details inc. Logo HelpSheet
Chemical Inventory HelpSheet
Copying Data between Paddocks: Whole Paddocks, Tabs & Single Entries HelpSheet
Client File Set Up: Farms & Paddocks. Add New, Merging, Restructuring, & Updating Paddock Area HelpSheet
Email / save client file from WebConnect to local computer HelpSheet
Fertiliser: Add New, Liquids & History HelpSheet
Financial Analysis & Cashflow HelpSheet
Find/Replace Data: Change & Update Products, Costs & Rates Helpsheet
Flags: Pasture, Tagging & Others HelpSheet
Gross Margin HelpSheet
Irrigation HelpSheet
Livestock HelpSheet
MAPPING: Orientation, which button does what? HelpSheet
MAPPING: Create Satellite background image, create Paddocks in Adviser
MAPPING: Import 'shp' files into Adviser HelpSheet
MAPPING: Show map with Paddock Boundaries, Names and Areas HelpSheet
MAPPING: Create map layers eg. Crop, Chems, Ferts etc by colour HelpSheet
MAPPING: Add headings to Maps / Create Mapping Project
MAPPING: Legend position cheat sheet HelpSheet
MAPPING: Create Crop Map with Heading and Legend, export or print
Merge client files - please contact Support before synchronising new file
Merge Paddocks including Maps HelpSheet
Navigation Pane HelpSheet
Operations: Adding Operations, Linking Costs to Production & Inputs HelpSheet
Production: Yields & Returns HelpSheet
Report: Generating & Customising Reports HelpSheet
Report: Adding & Using Report Extensions HelpSheet
Report: Adding a Disclaimer HelpSheet
Rotation & Area Summary HelpSheet
Sharefarming HelpSheet
SoilMate link: Export / Import trading names and results
Sowing: Add Crop Zones, Dressings, Split Paddocks & Paddock Linking HelpSheet
Spraying: Add New Mix, Spray Manager, Concentrates, History & Chem Diary HelpSheet
Summary Tab Helpsheet